Gift Ideas for Middle-Aged Women

Written by cathy welch | 13/05/2017
Gift Ideas for Middle-Aged Women
Find gifts tailored to a middle-aged woman. (gift packet image by Anton Gvozdikov from

Need a gift for a "mature" woman, someone 50 or older who is special to you? If the gift recipient is a good friend or a relative, then you're looking for something unusual and thoughtful. Here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect gift for a middle-aged woman.

Give Her Her Dream

Gift Ideas for Middle-Aged Women
Appeal to her dreams. (dream girl image by PaulPaladin from

What did she always want to be when she was growing up? If you don't know, ask her in a nonchalant way, then buy something to support that dream. If she always wanted to be a writer, give her a subscription to "The Writer" or "Writer's Digest." If she thought about becoming a veterinarian, give her a book on animal care. The ideas for a "dream" gift are limited only by her dreams.

A Day with You

Gift Ideas for Middle-Aged Women
Take her to a theatrical performance. (theatre image by Luisafer from

Give your special someone a full day or half a day with you and share your time, a precious commodity for everyone, especially those in midlife. Start with breakfast, a trip to an art museum, a glassblowing workshop, a walk on the beach, etc. After lunch, take her to a matinee theatre performance or a craft show. End the day with an elegant dinner.

For the Eco-Friendly Woman in Your Life

Gift Ideas for Middle-Aged Women
Gifts for the "green" woman. (reciclabile image by Marco from

If your friend or relative loves ecology, consider a plantable journal, available from Uncommon Goods for £16. She can journal her thoughts and dreams and, when she's ready, plant the journal's cover, which is made of recycled office paper and wildflowers. Also from Uncommon Goods is a £29 Sun Jar that sits in the sun and charges via a solar cell and a rechargeable battery and then fuels three LED lights. The light comes on automatically at dark and will light up her night for about five hours.

For a Sensual Friend

Gift Ideas for Middle-Aged Women
Send her to the spa. (woman in spa image by T.Tulic from

If she loves to be pampered with lingerie, perfume and chocolate, give her a negligee, a bottle of Dior or a box of Godiva Truffles. A pair of organic cotton yoga trousers will keep her comfortable for her stress-relieving workout. The ultimate sensory gift is a spa gift basket, especially if there are massage and pedicure gift tokens inside.

The Gift of Charity

Consider a charitable gift card, available on the web at, for the middle-aged woman who already has a comfortable life. You pay and she goes online to choose her favourite charity from Just Give's large database.

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