Tips on Sewing With Swimwear Fabric

Written by kaye wagner | 13/05/2017
Tips on Sewing With Swimwear Fabric
Swimwear fabric can be difficult for beginners to sew. (sewing machine image by Peter Baxter from

Making your own custom swimming costume will ensure that you get the proper fit to suit your figure. Sewing a swimming costume can be difficult for beginners because it requires the ability to work with stretch fabrics and to fit a clothing item to a figure properly. Avoiding a few of the common pitfalls of sewing swimwear can help beginners make a well-fitting swimming costume.

Choosing the Proper Fabric

It is important to choose the correct stretch fabric for swimwear. Ensure that the fabric is waterproof and water resistant as well as stretchy. The fabric you choose for the swimsuit and the swimsuit lining should have the same stretch factor. This will ensure that they stretch evenly. Most patterns call for fabrics with a particular stretch factor.

Choosing the Proper Stitch

One of the common mistakes beginners make when sewing a swimming costume is to choose the wrong stitch. The proper stitch should stretch with wear without breaking. Thus, a simple straight stitch will not work. Most seamstresses use a zig zag stitch that allows the materials to be stretched without breaking the thread.

Choosing the Proper Needle

Choose a stretch sewing needle when sewing your swimming costume. Regular needles will be difficult to work with, as they will make permanent holes in the fabric. The needle is also designed to prevent skipping a stitch in fabrics with elastic.

Sewing Stretch Fabric

Sewing stretch fabric can be as difficult as it is easy for the seamstress to stretch the fabric while sewing it. This will warp the swimming costume and will prevent the fabric from being able to be stretched when it is completed. When sewing, gently push the fabric through the machine without tugging or pulling it. This will prevent it from being sewn when it is stretched. Swimsuit materials come in two types: two-way stretch and four-way stretch. Four-way stretch has more structure, is more expensive and does not run.

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