School project ideas on tigers

Updated February 21, 2017

With their distinct stripes and intimidating size, tigers are a recognisable, popular species. These Asian jungle cats have walked the earth for over one million years, giving them ample time to become ingrained both in nature and in popular culture. Creating a school project based on tigers is not a difficult task---simply choose your favourite aspect of the animal.

Conservation Project

Tigers are an endangered species, and studying the threats to their existence lends itself well to school projects. According to the World Wildlife Fund, there could be as few as 3,200 tigers left worldwide. A report on dwindling tiger numbers is ideal for a science or biology class, particularly one in which you study wildlife. This project could include photos and detailed descriptions of the remaining subspecies of tigers, like the Bengal and the Malayan, along with a map that shows where each subspecies can be found.

Another aspect of this project is to study the efforts being made to save the tiger, why the species is significant and what else can be done to protect it.

Chinese Zodiac Project

The Chinese calendar features 12 animals---each year is the "year of" a different one. According to the Chinese Zodiac, a person's personality traits are determined by the year in which she is born. One of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac is the tiger, and years of the tiger include 1986, 1998 and 2010.

Studying the Chinese calendar and the year of the tiger is a project appropriate for a social studies class. Present the characteristics of a person born in the year of the tiger---lore suggests that these include straightforwardness, determination, quickness to act and proud originality. Present this information by looking up famous people who were born in the year of the tiger, and determine whether or not they fit the description---for example, were Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth II natural-born leaders?

Tiger Diorama

Artistic students may choose to create a diorama, and this can also be a suitable complement to a written report. Tigers live in a variety of lush locales, like the tropical forests of Thailand and freshwater swamp forests of Sumatra. Study the ecology of these areas and why they are suitable habitats for tigers---then create a diorama that accurately represents a tiger in its natural habitat. Cut out trees that look like those in the habitat, and draw a background image that looks like North Korean woodlands. Of course, the project needs a tiger, too---a student crafting a diorama should study the tiger indigenous to a particular habitat and sculpt or create an accurate representation.

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