Natural Mouse Repellent Tips

Mice, rats and other disease carrying rodents can be severe annoyances to human beings, causing property damage, destroying plants and gardens and leaving their droppings around the home. Inhumane traps and poisons may be effective in ridding a home or garden of mice and other troublesome rodents, but these methods may be hazardous to children and household pets. There are a number of safe and natural alternatives to these dangerous pest-removal techniques. Natural mouse repellents that are equally as effective and safe for pets and humans may be a cost effective way to remove mice from your home and garden.


Mice are known to be discouraged by the scent of eucalyptus. By taking the leaves of a eucalyptus plant and placing them in the troublesome areas where you have found evidence of mice, you may be able to drive the rodents from your home. Place the eucalyptus in kitchen cabinets, food pantries, under sinks and anywhere you suspect the mice are living or hanging around.


Citronella oil is another effective natural repellent for mice, rats and rodents. If the problem area is outdoors, lighting multiple citronella candles may discourage outdoor rodents from invading your garden. For mice infestations indoors where an open flame can be dangerous, planting wads of cotton soaked in citronella oil in the areas where mouse infestation is evident may encourage the pests to take residence elsewhere.

Peppermint Oil

Mice are effectively repelled by the pungent scent of peppermint. Finding the entry holes or cracks that the mice are using to enter the building and stuffing them with cotton balls that have been soaked with peppermint oil may encourage rodents to retreat. Replace the oil-soaked cotton balls frequently as the scent of the peppermint oil subsides quickly.

Shake Away

Shake-Away is safe and effective natural mouse repellent product for outdoor use. Shake-Away is made from all organic materials and is safe for lawns, plants, gardens, children and household pets. The product is a granulated deterrent that contains the scents of predators such as foxes or bobcats. Shake-Away fools rodents into thinking their enemies inhabit the premises, hence discouraging them from infestation.

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