40th Birthday Invitation Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Turning 40 is an important milestone that you want to celebrate with those who are important to you. Choosing the invitation that suits your party and your personality is important when planning your event. Your invitation should not only coincide with the decor of the party, but your invitations should set the theme of the party. Having the number 40 printed on the invitation is important, since this is the milestone being celebrated. Incorporate photos, humour and other ideas with your invite.

Photo Invitations

When you plan your husband's party, be creative with his invitation. Place his photo on the invite to add personalisation. Use his baby photo or any photo from his childhood to represent the years of his life that have passed by. You also have the choice to use a current photo he has taken, or you may want to combine both photos, sort of like a before and after type theme. Print the invitations in colour or black and white, depending on the colour scheme of the party. Let all the guests know to where the party is being held, the time, and any other party details. This type of invitation is also a photo keepsakes that guest keep in remembrance of this milestone event.

Humorous Invitations

A little humour is sure to go a long way. So add some humour to your 40th birthday invitations. Some of your guest will get a kick out of an invitation with the phrase "Did you say £25.90" on the front of the invite. When he turns the invitation to the back, he will see the phrase, "I don't think so, more like 40!" This is a cute idea that sets the tone for the night. Guests should expect to have a fun time, even if the age is considered over the hill. The back of this invitation lists all the party details for your guests.

Magazine Invitations

In your eyes, the 40th birthday milestone is a big event or magazine worthy, so why not use an invitation that says so. Choose a birthday magazine invitation that has your photo on the cover, just like a real magazine would. Instead of wording for what's inside the magazine, the cover lists details for the party. Add other wording or phrases on the invite, such as "Secrets to staying youthful and fit." The heading of the invite depends on the magazine you choose. For instance, for Time magazine you would put "Outta Time."

Ticket Invitations

To make your party an all-star event, send out ticket-style invitations. These invites are shaped and designed just like a concert or sporting event ticket, except your party information covers the ticket. You would use the number 40 for seat and row numbers; since this is the birthday you are celebrating. You have the option to use a photo on your ticket/invitation.

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