Champagne breakfast ideas

A champagne breakfast or brunch is a celebratory way to kick off a special day. With sufficient preparation you can present a menu that will kick off a birthday, holiday, or otherwise boring Sunday in style. Shop for the ingredients a day in advance, and save more time in the morning by setting the table the previous night. Remember to chill the champagne and, above all, make sure you have enough bottles.


Technically, champagne is produced only in France but a whole world of sparkling wines can take the place of champagne if you can't find any of the real thing. The type is up to you (such as brut, dry, extra dry or Rose) but if you're serving eggs as a main dish, UK wine site ThirtyFifty recommends a crisp and rich champagne. For light drinkers, pour half-glasses of champagne and fill the rest of the glass with fresh orange juice---mimosas are a classic breakfast treat.

Stuffed Crepes

Use a crepe iron or wide pan to make a batch of plain crepes, then stack them on a plate and allow your guests to fill them from a variety of dishes on the table. Once filled, diners can roll or fold the crepes and eat them by hand or with cutlery. A savoury option is chopped tomato with oregano and shredded cheese. Indulge a sweet tooth with Nutella, or offer lemon juice and sugar to sprinkle lightly over the crepes. If fruit salad is on your menu, it also makes a good filling for crepes.

Veggie Scramble

ThirtyFifty acknowledges that eggs are a great pairing with bubbly, and an easy way to nurture this relationship is with a scramble. Alone, scrambled eggs are part of an ordinary breakfast; mixing in vegetables adds a luxurious element to the dish. Sauté one or two types of cut vegetables, such as mushrooms, asparagus tips, broccoli florets, and bell peppers, then wipe the pan clean and use it to scramble the eggs. Mix the vegetables into the eggs at the end of the scrambling.

Toasts with Chevre

Toast small slices of rustic bread, then spread chèvre (soft goat's cheese) on top of them. The flavour of chèvre is complementary to stronger champagnes, according to WineIntro. The cheesy toasts, a accompaniment to any egg dish, are particularly useful for scooping up scrambled eggs.

Fruit Salad

Slice pineapple, mango, papaya, honeydew melon, and the classic pairing for champagne: strawberries. Mix the fruits together in a big bowl that can act as a centrepiece for the table.

French Toast

Dress up this popular breakfast dish by sprinkling the eggy bread with cinnamon before cooking it. Finish it with a sprinkling of icing sugar and offer Grade A maple syrup on the side.

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