Aztec Crafts for Children

If you are teaching Aztec or Mexican history, you may want to include crafts or artwork to enhance your lesson plans. These art projects and crafts are a great way to further investigate the Aztecs' vivid culture and let your pupils embrace the ideals of another culture first hand.

Aztec Paper Plate Pottery Craft

Gather paper plates, scrap paper, a pencil, paints and a paintbrush. Paint your paper plate a solid colour. Practice a design on your scrap paper. Keep it simple. The sun is a design very common in Aztec art. Once your plate is dry, paint your design in the middle of the plate

Mexican placemats

Gather an 18-by-12 inch piece of construction paper, 16 1-by-12-inch pieces of construction paper, scissors, glue, a ruler and a pencil. Lay your paper down so that the longest side is horizontal. Leaving a one-inch margin on each side of the paper, draw horizontal lines across the page that are one inch apart. Then fold your construction paper width-wise. Following the lines you just drew, begin cutting at the fold, making sure to leave the one-inch margins at the end of the paper. You should now have created a loom. Now it is time to use your strips of paper to weave in and out of the slits on your construction paper. When you are finished weaving, you will have a woven placemat that you can laminate using contact paper.

Fabric Poncho

To make this poncho, you need three square feet of a heavy fabric, perhaps cut from an old blanket. You also need scissors and waterproof fabric markers. To begin, fold your blanket in half and cut a neck hole in the shape of a "v" on the folded edge. Use scissors to make fringe by cutting slits on the bottom of the poncho. Finally, use the fabric markers to decorate your new poncho.

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