Cheap birthday gift ideas for a 30 year old man

Finding cheap gifts for 30-year-old men can be difficult. Many of the gadgets and items that men tend to gravitate toward are often expensive. However, there are still some options available that will not break the bank. Always consider the interests of the person who you are buying the gift for. Armed with their likes and dislikes, it is easier to discover an inexpensive birthday gift.

Ecosphere or Fish Tank

A small ecosphere or desktop fish tank is an excellent, inexpensive present for a 30-year-old man. Ecospheres contain either a plant or some other natural substance submerged under water. It is like a static fish tank. Add a fish, and you have a desktop fish tank. The small size prevents them from needing too much upkeep, and the gift is soothing and perfect to enhance his desk at work.

Bartending Tools

Bartending and drink mixing tools such as cocktail shakers and shot glasses will enhance any man's hosting powers, and they don't cost very much. Many 30-year-old men may host house parties with their wives or significant others. Preparing a man for this period in his life will always be appreciated. Just make sure to not purchase items that he already owns.


Men of all ages enjoy food. Even something as simple as a cupcake, candy or popcorn basket will please nearly every man. Many websites offer the option of mailing food packages right to the man's door. You don't even have to wrap this present.

Wine Holders

Many 30-year-old men start to increase their alcohol knowledge beyond frat party beers. This includes the enjoyment of fine wines. Give him an unusual way to store his wine with wine holders that are abnormal. Wine holders such as a metal person or gravity balanced bottles.

Date of Birth Newspaper

For the history buff, a copy of a newspaper from the day that they were born might be of interest. A cheaper option is to purchase one of those fact booklets outlining different events that happened in the year of that person's birth.

Manly Cookbooks

Some men have discovered a taste for cooking by the time they turn 30. Even if they have not, you may be able to convince them to enter the kitchen with a man-friendly cookbook. Cookbooks from the NFL, or topics on grilling may interest the 30 year old in your life.


Most adults enjoy coffee. If your 30-year-old man is one of the many coffee lovers, he will enjoy receiving a coffee travel mug, coffee sampler or coffee of the month club.

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