Dodgeball games for kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Dodgeball is a popular game with several variations, played mostly by elementary school kids. However, with these variations, the basics of dodgeball are the still the same. Kids are divided into two teams and some sort of ball is used in the game.

Secret Agent

Set up dodgeball like normal and place two cones about 20 feet from each side boundary of the court. Each team secretly picks a player to be the "secret agent." This child's name must be told to the adult supervising.

Once the game begins, all rules of dodgeball apply, including getting knocked out by being hit with a ball or getting someone from the opposite team out by catching the ball. However, if you get thrown out, you stand behind the cone on your team's side. Only the team's secret agent may grab each player behind the cone and bring him back into the game. Players may accompany the secret agent for protection, but only the secret agent can lead one player at a time back to the playing field.

If a team's secret agent gets knocked out, those who are behind the cone have no way of getting back into the game. This game goes on until all players from one side are out.


Set up dodgeball game play like normal, with a large rectangle for the boundary lines and a line through the middle separating the two teams.

Each team starts with one of its players outside the rectangle of the opposite team's side. This player can try to get players from the opposite team out.

Every time a player who is inside the rectangle gets thrown out from, that player joins the other players from his team to the outside of the boundary line on the opposite team's side. These players have to stay on the outside of the rectangle but can try to hit opposing players with balls that reach them. Once all the players from a team are out, the other team wins.

Circle Dodge Ball

Set up cones in a large circle. If there is a circle line drawn on the blacktop, use this. Split kids into two teams. One set of kids stands inside the circle while the other set stands outside the circle.

Those outside the circle throw the ball at the kids inside the circle. The kids inside the circle can run around anywhere within the boundary lines to avoid getting hit. If a player inside the circle gets hit, that player joins the rest of the kids outside the circle and continues to throw the balls at the kids inside the circle. The game is over when there is one kid left inside the circle. She is the winner.

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