Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

Written by timothy sexton
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Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students
Persuade the class that steroids should be legalised in pro sports. (baseball image by Lucid_Exposure from

The art of persuasion is the foundation upon which the entire industry of advertising exists. If you are going to give a persuasive speech in your college class, you should closely study the methods and effects of advertising in addition to studying how to give a speech. Your purpose is to sell your idea, and in today's world there is no shortage of ideas that targeted persuasian can support.

Mental Health Care

Persuade your classmates that Americans are overmedicated for mental health disorders. Locate statistics on what percentage of Americans use drugs to treat mental disorders. Use medical research that indicates that the causes of some mental problems are not known and may not be physiological at all. Show how other treatments have been used successfully to treat people who experienced no improvement on medication.

Steroids in Pro Sports

Try to persuade your audience that since so many professional athletes use steroids secretly, these drugs may as well be made legal. The arguments can include that legalising steroids would even the playing field and make the game more exciting. You might also add that since so many records have been broken in baseball by players using steroids, that only by legalising the substances can any future records be considered legitimate.

Take a Year Off

Persuade your college colleagues that taking a year off after school is better than jumping right into the workplace. Convince them that their brains need a vacation after spending all those years studying and learning and dealing with the stress of academic life. Show them that a year off won't put them behind the pack and lead to a life of continual struggle, but will rather allow them to experience the world in a new away outside of the classroom.

American High Speed Rail

Take on the hot topic of decreasing America's reliance on oil by persuading your audience that the answer lies in developing the same kind of sophisticated high-speed rail system that Europe has. Use the argument that if the various nations of Europe can agree on a rail system, surely the states can get together. The European rail system deals with the same kinds of long distances and geographical obstacles that would be faced in America, so ask why it could not be done here.

Become a Human Guinea Pig

Really go out on a limb and write a persuasive speech that attempts to convince your college classmates to volunteer to take part in clinical trials. Clinical trials are a necessary part of the system of developing medical treatments. Essentially, you will be trying to persuade your peers to become human guinea pigs. The advantages are that they can be furthering advancements in scientific knowledge and, in some cases, even get paid.

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