Romantic things to do for your boyfriend's birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

It's your boyfriend's birthday, and you want to make it romantic. According to Doug Fields, author of "Creative Romance," men define romance differently than women. They want mystery, intrigue, sensuality, lingerie and passion. So much for the bubble bath and candlelight dinner you planned, right? Well, not so fast. Kate White, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, says that men need emotional gifts from women that strengthen the bond. Confused yet? How can you translate seemingly conflicting advice into romance for you and your guy?

Private Party

Keep it simple and fun. Plan a party for just the two of you. Make a happy birthday playlist for your MP3 stereo. There are many versions that you can buy, for example, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Marilyn Monroe and New Kids on the Block. You don't have to be Martha Stewart to bake his favourite birthday cake. You get points for trying. As he waits in your dining room with the lights dimmed and birthday music playing, don an apron, dab some flour on your forehead, light the candles and take your birthday offering to your man.

Birthday Spanking

Send him a text or e-mail at the exact time he came into the world. Tell him how happy you are that he was born and how much you love him. Remind him that there used to be a time when doctors spanked newborns on the bottom to make sure they were breathing. To commemorate his birthday properly, you'll need to do the same thing. Arrange to meet him later so that you can deliver his birthday spanking. Show up wearing a doctor's stethoscope, white lab coat, his favourite outfit underneath--and a big smile.

Romantic Picnic

Plan a noon or midnight picnic. Your midnight picnic can be indoors or out. If you're going outside, bring plenty of additional blankets to snuggle under and a Thermos of hot chocolate or coffee. Set the mood for romance with candles, glow sticks, or the warm glimmer of a lantern. Indoors, spread a blanket on the carpet and light a fire. Pack a picnic basket with finger foods that you can feed each other, like strawberries, cheese, smoked salmon and crusty bread. Don't forget the sparkling apple cider or champagne to toast your boyfriend's birthday. Your man may not be comfortable spending the next hour gazing into your eyes. So, bring out a fun board game or Twister.

Love Letter

You've tucked notes in his backpack or briefcase on an ordinary day. But on his birthday, pen a real love letter for him. Tell your guy how much you treasure having him in your life. Describe your favourite memory over the past year and tell him you'd like to have many more. Be sure to remind him of how strong, smart, loyal and sexy he is. Write the letter on girlie stationary sprayed lightly with your scent. The fragrance will linger in his bag and he'll think of the letter--and you--fondly.

Dinner Date

Let's face it: boyfriends sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to being wined and dined. He may not appreciate the same romantic dinner that you would like, but you can still take him out for a birthday meal. Find a fun, casual restaurant that will supply a birthday surprise for dessert and perhaps a serenading waitperson or two. Pick him up at the appointed time. Bring him his favourite chocolate bar attached to a funny birthday card. Be sure to pick up the check. At the end of the evening, thank him for the date and for being a wonderful boyfriend.

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