Pirate Women Hairstyles

Updated February 21, 2017

Back in the days of pirates, women were considered very bad luck on board ships. Because of this, women pirates usually disguised themselves as men. There were, however, several famous female pirates, like Lady Killigrew and Anne Bonny. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pirate hairstyles, so don't be afraid to get creative, whether your hair is long or short.

Long Hair

If you have long, flowing hair, there are several options for a pirate hairstyle. Leaving your hair loose and adding a tricorne pirate hat is an easy option, and the hat will also help keep the hair out of your face.


Braiding is another quick and easy way to achieve the pirate look. If your hair is long, consider leaving it loose, with five or six small braids throughout the hair. (You can still top this with a hat or bandanna.) This adds extra interest to the style. Alternatively, split the hair into two sections, and braid each section so you have a braid over each shoulder. Or simply braid all the hair into one large plait and finish it off with a scarf.

Short Hair

If you have short hair, a bandanna is a really simple way to create a pirate hairstyle. Fold a square scarf in half to create a triangle shape. Place the longest edge along the hairline at the front, and then tie the two corners underneath the hair at the back. Similarly to the tricorne hat, this will help keep hair out of your face. If your hair is very short and spiky, there is no need to do anything for your pirate look. Consider skull-and-crossbone earrings, or even a sparkly eye patch.

Mix and Match

There is no reason why you cannot mix together several pirate style elements. For example, if your hair is long, leave it loose, add a few small braids, wrap a bandanna around the hair and then top it all off with a tricorne pirate hat.

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