Corporate Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A corporate anniversary is a milestone event that can be a marketing opportunity. The company should celebrate its anniversary openly with employees, vendors and clients. Remaining in business long enough to celebrate an anniversary milestone is an achievement that can bring recognition from potential clients and partners that can help a business grow. Take a look at various corporate anniversary celebration ideas to help develop a marketing plan that capitalises on the company's success.


Use a corporate logo that emphasises the anniversary celebration on all correspondence for the anniversary year. Use the current company logo, but add changes that indicate the special anniversary event. There could be the range of years the company has been in business under the logo, or the number of years in business could be somewhere on the logo. Change the logo colour to silver for 25-year anniversaries and gold for 50 years in business.


Alert the media through press releases and any other media contacts the company has that there is an anniversary year coming up. Start the press releases and media contact at least three months before the anniversary year begins. Add a tagline to company advertising that emphasises the coming anniversary. Create company-sponsored events such as having the executives of the company travel to various cities to meet current customers and prospects, and keep the media informed of the events with pictures and reports.

Employee Participation

Remember to make a corporate anniversary special for employees as well as clients and vendors. Make the corporate anniversary a reason for additional paid time off for employees, bring in caterers for a special company lunch once a quarter and create contests that employees can enter to win small prizes. Contests can be things like most creative use of the company logo, or have employees write and record a company jingle. Prizes can be £6 or £13 gift cards to local movie theatres or department stores.


Bring attention to a corporate anniversary by getting the company more involved in local charitable events. The company can release a statement, saying that it wants to share its success with the community through support of local charitable organisations and a presence of employees and executives at local charity drives and events.

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