Document controller responsibilities

Updated April 17, 2017

If there's one thing anyone working in a corporation, large or small, will tell you, it's that there often seems to be no end to the paperwork. Applications and forms, important documents, memos and any number of other papers--and they all need to be correctly formatted, on time and in the right place. To that end, document controllers, also called document control specialists, are charged with all the responsibilities involved in handling these documents.

Editorial Duties

With many people in many positions filling out many different kinds of forms and documents, it's inevitable that some will be incorrectly formatted or contain typographical errors. Document controllers are charged with making the appropriate changes to a document to make it acceptable for submission to wherever it is going.

Distribution Duties

Document controllers are also in charge of distributing controlled documentation, making sure it reaches where it is supposed to. They are also responsible for monitoring the distribution and use of process and reference documents.

Validation and Submission

It's the duty of document controllers not only to submit paperwork on time, before their deadline. They also must validate any information contained in the document, as well as ensure that the document and any other files submitted with it are approved by the appropriate superiors.

Coordination Duties

Document controllers are responsible for coordination amongst the different departments within the company, and ensuring that all documents are kept in the appropriate place and filed in the appropriate departmental archive.

Evaluation Duties

Document controllers are also tasked with performing evaluations and audits of the company regarding documentation, to find and assess problem areas.

Training Duties

Document controllers are often also required to train staff members on the company's procedures regarding document control and submission.

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