What Is the Name of a Flower That Attracts Wasps?

Updated February 21, 2017

While there is no general name for the group of flowers that attract wasps, most flowers that attract the insects contain nectar and pollen. Wasps use the nectar as an important food resource. In return, the wasps help pollinate the plant so it produces seeds to keep reproducing.

Types of Flowers

Any flower that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies likely attracts wasps, giving gardeners tremendous variety as to what to plant in the garden. Transplant annuals just about to bloom to attract wasps immediately. Grow perennial flowers that come back on their own each year to keep the beneficial insects returning year after year.

Native Flowers

Plant as many native plants as you can in your garden. Native blooming plants provide more nectar sources for wasps as well as other insects, birds and wildlife. Plus, native blooming plants offer disease resistance and higher drought tolerance, making them ideal for low maintenance beauty.


Wasps are attracted to flowers by the delicious nectar the blossoms produce. While the wasp hovers over the nectar to eat, it brushes its body or feet against the pollen on the flower. When the wasp goes to the next flower, it transfers the pollen to the other plant, thus helping to pollinate it.

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