Ideas for 21st birthday table decorations

Updated June 26, 2018

The 21st birthday often is a highly anticipated event for young adults. Whether the guest of honour is looking forward to buying her first alcoholic beverage or simply entering full adulthood, throw a birthday party to celebrate this milestone. Decorate tables to fit the 21st birthday theme. Incorporate your party's colour scheme into the decorations. Keep in mind the style of the guest of honour when choosing ideas for her 21st birthday table decorations.

Floral Arrangements

Create a 21st birthday centrepiece. Use exactly 21 blossoms to make this floral arrangement. Scatter 21 vases around the centrepiece. Place one flower in each vase. Send the individual flower vases home with your guests as party favours, or give them away as prizes if you have more than 21 guests. Choose the guest of honor's favourite flower for a more customised centrepiece option for this milestone birthday party.

Balloon Bouquet

Create a balloon bouquet for a festive table decoration idea. Include a giant number "2" and "1" balloons as the focal point. Add 21 latex balloons around the two number balloons as accents. Choose two or three colours for the latex balloons. Select colours that work well with the rest of your party decorations. Look for latex balloons with the number "21" printed on them for a stronger connection to your party theme.

Giant Drink Glasses

The 21st birthday also comes with the legal option to buy alcoholic beverages. If this is a big deal to the guest of honour, incorporate it into his table decorations. Use a giant drink glass, such as an oversized margarita-style glass, for the table's centrepiece. Pour confetti in the shape of the number "21" in the bottom of the glass or fill the centrepiece with individually wrapped chocolates for an edible decoration. Decorate the rest of the table with large drink glass flower arrangements or fill the glasses with water to hold floating candles.

Cupcake Tower

Buy cupcake towers at craft stores or home stores. Add a cupcake tower to the middle of each guest table as a focal point. Decorate the cupcakes with a swirl of icing in one of your party colours. Add a cupcake pick with the number "21" on top or cut out the number "21" from fondant to place on the cupcakes. Arrange the cupcakes on the towers.

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