Duties and Responsibilities of a Church Administrator

Written by sharon bernhardt | 13/05/2017
Duties and Responsibilities of a Church Administrator
Church administrator roles may vary depending on the church. (church image by pearlguy from Fotolia.com)

Although church is a place dedicated to worship and receiving religious instruction, many other activities go on behind the scenes to support the operation of such a facility. A church administrator provides support to a church and its ministry. Although the role may involve different duties and responsibilities at each church depending on its size and needs, there are some main areas that a church administrator supervises.

Financial Management

A church administrator is largely responsible for overseeing the finances of the church. Although there is likely an accountant who is doing the daily financial tasks, the church administrator provides supervision in the area of finances and may be involved in budgeting, reporting and long-range planning. (See Reference 1.)

Personnel Management

Human resources is another area in which the church administrator is likely to be involved. The administrator's role in personnel management may include hiring and firing support staff in the church, maintaining personnel records, planning vacation times, determining personnel policies and ensuring that they comply with federal and state laws. (See Reference 1.)

Facilities Management

A church administrator is also involved in supervising the facilities of the church with regard to maintenance, cleaning, building or renovations, usage, security and inventory. (See Reference 1.) It is the administrator's responsibility to ensure that facilities are being maintained and used wisely and efficiently.

Office Management

Another area of responsibility for a church administrator is the church office. The church administrator supervises office staff, facilitates staff training and ensures that the office equipment is maintained. (See Reference 1.)

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