Noah's Ark Games for Children

Written by sylvia branch
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Noah's Ark Games for Children
Christians view the rainbow as God's promise to never flood the Earth again. (Rainbow image by /p from

Christians believe Noah's Ark was built to save Noah, his family and a pair of every animal on Earth from the flood. The Bible shares this story in Genesis 6:1 - 9:17. This bible story reminds Christians of the importance of obedience to God's word and ultimately God's faithfulness to his promises.

Animal Matching Game

Use index cards to make a set of animal cards. Each animal card should have a matching pair. Find images online, draw animals or cut or copy pictures from nature magazines. God told Noah to bring two of every animal into the ark. Play the game by placing all the cards face down on the table. One at a time, players choose two cards trying to find a match. If they find a pair, they get another turn. Store the cards in a folder with the image of an ark on the outside.

Noah's Ark Toss

Use small bean bag-type stuffed animals to toss into a target. Design an ark from cardboard boxes or plywood. Cut holes to resemble portholes in the ark. The object is to get an animal through the hole. Noah's ark toss also can be played by tossing regular bean bags into a animal target. Draw an animal on a piece of poster board with the animal's mouth open. Toss bean bags into the animal's mouth, pretending to feed the animal.

Pin the Animal On the Ark

Make a large from a piece of poster-board. Copy images of animals from a colouring book, colour them and then cut them out. Glue the pictures on a piece of card stock to make them sturdier. Attach double-sided tape to the back of the pictures. Blindfold children before their turn and spin them around and point them toward the ark. Children can get involved in this game by colouring or drawing their own animal game pieces.

Herd the Animals

Blow up several balloons and have a child herd the balloons into a cardboard box or clothes basket turned on its side. Split children into teams and play this game as a relay race. The first child on each team should herd as many balloons as he can into the container and then race back to tag the next person on his team. Have children herd balloons with their feet or a broom.

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