Types of 20 lb. propane tanks

Updated July 19, 2017

Folks everywhere depend on 20-pound propane tanks for grilling, trailer heaters and running small forklifts. Tanks, cylinders or bottles, as they are called, can be purchased in aluminium, composite, fibreglass or steel. They are filled with liquid or vapour propane and must meet certification standards and be recertified 12 years after manufacture date. Easy-to-use 20-pound propane tanks hold five gallons of propane fuel, ideal for home use.

Aluminium Tanks

A filled aluminium propane tank is very lightweight and easily moved. Worthington makes a 20-pound LP (liquid propane) tank that can be purchased in a vertical or horizontal style. It's equipped with OPD (overfill protection device) and a Type 1 (quick connect coupling) valve. Trident Rubber Inc. is another company that offers aluminium propane tanks in the 20-pound size.


Cylinders made of composite materials are extremely lightweight, weighting 30 per cent less than steel tanks yet just as strong, and are corrosion free. These materials are translucent so you can easily see how much gas is left. Lite Cylinder Co. makes the 20-pound Lite Propane Tank that comes in blue or beech, and it's OPD and DOT (Department of Transportation) approved.

Seaward Products makes a 20-pound liquid propane tank that is the same size as a steel tank but never needs painting and won't rust or corrode. It also has see-through construction so you know how much gas is available. The Seaward tanks are designed to be stacked for easy storage.

Frontgate and Ragasco both make a Clear View Composite LPG (liquid propane gas) tank. Ragasco tanks are even impervious to corrosion from salt water. They can be filled anywhere when travelling in the U.S. or Canada--ideal for RV people.


Fibreglass tanks are corrosion and rust free, making for a good type of propane tank. Tanks made of fibreglass are 50 per cent lighter than typical steel tanks. Tanks that weigh less are very handy for refilling, exchanging or moving to another location. Ragasco and Lite Cylinder Co. are all manufacturers of fibreglass tanks.


Propane tanks constructed of steel are among the heaviest tanks there are, but they are extremely durable and often last for years. Manchester makes a 20-pound tank that comes with a scalloped foot ring, OPD and Type 1 valve. The tank is coated with polyurethane enamel finish for rust resistance. Other manufacturers of steel propane tanks include Worthington, Dom's and Rural King.

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