Ceiling canopy ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The canopy is not just for over the bed anymore; they can cover part of the ceiling or the entire room. Ceiling canopies can be used inside your home as part of your permanent decor to add glamour or warm up the room. A canopy ceiling is also found at many festive occasions and parties, especially weddings. These temporary canopies turn an event into a grand sheikh affair.

Outside Ceiling Canopy

For an outdoor party, use a crisp, white, ceiling canopy to give the look of an Arabian tent. Solid white sheets attached to the ceiling of your porch or patio can change the look from rustic to formal in no time. If there is no ceiling available, use the skeleton of a tent, portable car port or screen house and leave the canvas off. Attach the sheets to the centre of the roof or tent poles and start draping them toward each outside wall. To extend the canopy look down the wall in the corners, just tie four extra sheets, one in each corner, onto the ceiling canopy and let them drape down. You can attach the sheets by tying the two ends together in a knot and pinning the knots up against the wall or tent post.

Bedroom Ceiling Canopy

For a ceiling canopy in your bedroom, use silk or satin sheets in pastel colours that complement your bed and window treatments. Attach one end of each sheet at the centre point of your ceiling using a staple gun or tacks and the other end to the top of the wall. Pull them snugly so they do not drape too low. Alternate two differently coloured sheets to add more colour to the canopy. When you are finished, bunch up a matching pillow case into a flower medallion to put over the centre of the ceiling where all the sheets were first attached. If you can't do a ceiling canopy in the entire bedroom, then do a canopy on the half of the room that contains the bed.

Painted Canopy

For a sleek canopy look, try painting one on your ceiling. The project is easy using masking tape to section off the stripes. It is an optical illusion technique that starts off with the stripes thinner towards the middle of the ceiling, getting thicker as they make their way out toward the walls of the room. A pink and white painted ceiling canopy can give a Victorian look to a little girl's room. A red and white barber-striped canopy can add flare on the ceiling over your home bar.

Lighted Canopies

Accent an area of your home for romance or create a sparking ceiling for a party with a canopy made from white strings of Christmas lights. Tack the lights to the centre of the ceiling and lightly drape them to the top of the walls. Depending on the amount of lighting effect you are going for, you would use less or more strings. You can use a light netted fabric to run along side of the lights to give it more decor value. This effect works well over a bed, in a cosy dining area nook, or in a corner of a family room over an intimate seating area. For a party you can use this technique inside or outside.

Bambo Ceiling Canopy

A ceiling canopy that is attached over a bed does not have to be fluffy fabric. You can use large bamboo shades to give the feeling of a tropical bedroom. This idea involves attaching a bamboo draw string shade on strings hanging from your ceiling. This should be hung from the ceiling about halfway down the length of the bed, then draped back and tacked to the wall at the head of the bed, almost like a headboard. This is a very different look and one that brings the tropics into your home.

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