Things to Do on a Boy's 13th Birthday

Updated July 20, 2017

The 13th birthday heralds the entrance to the teenage years and the exit of childhood in American culture. These years bridge the gap between adulthood and childhood, and the birthday activities must be appropriate as well as entertaining. Spiderman may be "in" for some young men, while supermodels are "in" for others. A birthday party that is engaging for a wide variety of young men is sure to bring fond memories for both the birthday boy and his guests.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is a game of marksmanship and military strategy, and can be a fun idea for a boy's 13th birthday. Wearing a receiving vest and carrying a laser gun, participants run around an often dimly lit warehouse of mazes and obstacles with the goal of "shooting" their opponents with their laser. The laser is a light, the vest receives the light signal when shined upon, thereby registering as a "hit." Teams of participants can play war games, or it can be every man for himself.

Water Parks

Weather permitting, a water park could be the perfect spot to celebrate a 13-year-old boy's birthday. Water parks come with a wide variety of amenities. Many come with slides and water features such as mushrooms (water cascading from the top of a mushroom-shaped cone creating a wall of water), pressure-sensitive fountains (block one hole of water and the other holes develop stronger water pressure), and water cannons. More adventurous water parks contain zip lines, surfing areas, and flumes. This can be a fun family activity, or invite some of the boy's friends to tag along.

Bounce House Warehouses

Teenage boys have a lot of pent-up energy inside them. Allow your 13-year-old birthday boy and his friends let it all out at a bounce house warehouse. Bounce houses are inflatable rooms that allow you to bounce on the floor, with four inflatable walls for safety. Bounce house warehouses are large open warehouses that contain extremely large inflatable bounce houses and other toys, such as obstacle courses. Some warehouses have "cosmic" or "galaxy" times available, when lights are flashed, strobed, and otherwise rotated to create a nightclub atmosphere.

Community Service

What your boy is interested may have links to community service organisations that they sponsor. Basketball? Try the National Basketball's Association NBA Cares program for a list of community needs. Animals? Contact your local animal shelter to see if there are any projects they need done that are appropriate for 13-year-old young adults. Creating a party with a purpose is becoming more en vogue with the younger crowd, and is not only fun, but worthwhile.

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