Gifts for 70 year old women

Updated February 21, 2017

Although all birthdays are cause for celebration, reaching the milestone birthday of 70 requires something special. Think outside the standard gift box and instead choose something custom and creative. Gifts need not be expensive; you can personalise your present while making the birthday recipient feel cared for and appreciated, a sentiment that never gets too old.

Birthday Scrapbook

Turn the idea of a traditional scrapbook into a 70th birthday gift when you customise it to include only people and events who share the same birthday as your friend or family member. Use an online search engine or birthday website (many websites are dedicated to listing celebrities and other famous figures' birth dates) to find who was born on the same date as the woman celebrating her 70th birthday. (If it is hard to find people born the same month, day and year, consider just doing the month and day.) For example, if your friend was born on Nov. 6, she would share birthdays with celebrities Sally Field, Thandie Newton and Ethan Hawke, news anchor Maria Shriver, musician Glenn Frey and deceased football and military hero, Pat Tillman. Print out pictures and articles about the birthday-twin celebrities, then paste them into a scrapbook alongside photos of the birthday celebrant. You can also include information from any community or national events that occurred that day by searching libraries or the Internet.

Disco Ball

Incorporate the birthday honoree turning 70 into a way to go retro, back to the year 1970. As 1970 officially brought in the Decade of Disco, give a gift of a disco ball as a way to jog her memory back to the Bee Gees, slicked-back hair, glittering lights and flared trousers. Disco balls are available in a range of sizes and styles; choose something that reflects her preferences such as small, disco-ball stud earrings; a medium-sized, disco-ball pendant necklace; or a large, sparkling disco ball she can hang in her house. Disco balls can be used as favours or decorations for the birthday party, too (they're available on key chains, pens and stickers).


According to Massage Therapy 101, senior or geriatric massage may be valuable in increasing circulation, decreasing stiffness and joint inflammation, and treating tendinitis, which may flare up with age. Although the standard practices of massage are the same with any age of client, therapists specialising in senior massage pay more attention to patients' hands and feet, and are also trained to perform wheelchair or seated massage if lying down is impossible or too painful. The therapist also will not request the massage client move around, turn over, shift or hold their limbs in certain positions, which is standard practice. Massages usually run from 30 minutes to an hour, and may be purchased by gift token or massage package. Chain massage salons are available in many large towns and sessions may be reserved online; search your print directory or the Internet to find one, then inquire about specialists available to perform senior massage. If the birthday woman is a close friend or family member, consider buying sessions for both of you, and then make the day special with lunch or dinner out together.

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