30th Birthday Ideas for Camping

Updated April 17, 2017

Celebrate a 30th birthday with good friends in the great outdoors. Make the birthday camping trip an event to remember with fun and competitive games and activities. Fill the days with traditional camping activities like fishing, swimming or rafting and then incorporate some camping birthday ideas and games to make the camping birthday a memorable one.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Drive the route to the campsite ahead of time, noting landmarks, stores and shops along the way. Create a list of 30 items for teams to collect as they head to camp. Ideas for things to collect include postcards from specific towns, receipts for trinket items purchased in designated stores. Include items such as a thirtieth birthday card or balloon. Cell phone and digital cameras make photos of players at landmark sites a good choice. In an effort to save time, consider counting a handful of photos from each stop rather than collecting 30 items from 30 stops. The passengers of each car are the teams. The first team to arrive with all their items wins a prize, such as breakfast served in the tent. The last team to arrive is the team that has to serve the breakfast.

Decorate the Birthday Tent

Once the birthday person is asleep, the rest of the campers decorate the tent in the same fashion one would decorate a car for a just married couple. Hang signs, streamers, cans and photos. Spray the tent with silly string. Hang tin cans at the tent flaps so they will clang when the birthday boy exits his tent.

Campfire Auction

Give each camper a designated amount of play money. Then, auction off items campers would want such as a flashlight, bug spray, canteen, charcoal or toilet paper. The players who bid the most win the items. Once all the items have been sold, hold up one final item, the mystery envelope. Open the floor to trades and sales from players with items to players with remaining cash. Once all trades are complete, players with money remaining may bid on the mystery envelope. The winner will open it to find it contains a certificate that appoints him as the personal servant to the birthday girl for a designated amount of time.

Birthday Roast

What better place to roast a person than around an actual fire? Have each camper prepare a speech poking fun at the person who is turning thirty. Include marshmallows to roast along with the guest of honour.

Camping Birthday Cake

Bake cakes in jars ahead of the trip. These will travel well and be easy to serve and eat around the campfire. Paint the jars to say "Happy 30th Birthday." Give each camper a jar cake and plastic spoon, sing the "Happy Birthday" song and have the birthday person blow out a citronella candle.

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