Simple Woodworking Projects for Children

Updated February 21, 2017

Let kids create beautiful and useful objects from wood. Woodworking teaches them some basic skills, such as hammering, sanding, drilling and even sawing. Many simple woodworking projects don't even require cutting. Whether you use purchased wood or found wood, woodworking crafts allow children to use their hands to produce crafts they can be proud of.

Welcome Sign

Start with an old weathered board, gathered from a wood pile or a rundown barn. It should be around 20 inches long and at least 5 inches tall. Allow children to gather a variety of dried twigs and sticks. Give each child a pencil and have them sketch out the word "WELCOME" or other short message on the board. Using clippers under adult supervision, let them snip and clip twigs to fit the letters. Using small nails, like picture frame nails, let children hammer the twigs in place. The welcome sign can stand alone or can be hung by picture-hanging rings screwed into the back.

Wood Burning

Wood burning allows detailed pictures and patterns to be placed onto wood. The tools allow incredible detail, with shadowing and light and dark options. Always use a craft wood burning pen under adult supervision. Give children a wooden disk at least 5 inches around. Let them sketch a simple drawing or pattern on the disk face. Then, after a few practice lines on a scrap piece of wood, allow children to use the wood burning pen to create their pictures. Affix picture rings to the back and loop a colourful ribbon through them so the children can hang their works of art.

Wooden Scrapbook

Gather two thin boards (8 ½ inches by 5 ½ inches) per child. You'll also need a saw, sandpaper, drill, ribbon and paper. Allow children to sand the boards smooth, then assist them in drilling two holes at the top of each board, about 3 inches apart. Insert several pieces of paper between the two boards, and mark with a pencil where the hole openings are on the paper. Hole punch the paper as marked. Loop ribbon through the boards and papers to hold the flip book together. Let children decorate the boards with paint, markers and even wood burning pens. Include photos, handwritten notes and other memorabilia inside the wooden scrapbook.

Card Holder

This project makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones to hold business cards or recipe cards. Using a dozen craft sticks, wooden shapes, glue, paint and scissors, children can quickly and easily make this woodcraft project. Glue three craft sticks together, flat and side by side. This will be the front. Glue four craft sticks together, flat and side by side, for the back of the box. The bottom of the box is two craft sticks glued together, flat and side by side. Cut two craft sticks in half and glue the sides together, so there are two sticks for each side. Once the sides and bottom of the box are dry, assemble the box. Glue the front to the bottom at a right angle; repeat for the sides. Add the back and let the structure totally dry. Paint it and add decorations as desired.

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