Party Game Ideas for 12 Year Olds

Games are a fun way to entertain 12-year-old kids at a party. Preteens are young enough to still enjoy getting silly with their pals. Consider your crowd before selecting the best games to play. If possible, get some input from the guest of honour to determine which games she would most enjoy to ensure successful game planning.

Truth Or Dare

Most people remember the classic game of Truth or Dare from their childhood sleepovers. This game is still a big hit with the preteen crowd. Initiate a game with the kids at your party for some goofy fun. Combine Truth or Dare with a G-rated version of Spin the Bottle for a little twist. have the kids sit in a circle and choose one person to begin by spinning a bottle. Whoever the bottle points to must choose either "truth" or "dare." If she chooses truth, the person who began can ask her a question of her choosing. If she chooses dare, she must complete a silly task or action. When her turn is through, she will then spin the bottle to pick who will be challenged to "truth or dare" next.

Egg Toss

Egg Toss is a crazy game that should definitely be played outdoors, as it can get quite messy quickly. Have the kids pair up into teams of two and form two parallel lines facing their partners. Give one member from each team an egg, and instruct them to toss the egg to their partner. If the egg is successfully caught and not broken, then one teammate takes a step backward to widen the distance between them. Teams are eliminated as the eggs get dropped or broken in their hands until only one team remains and is declared the winner. Water balloons can be used in place of eggs for a little less mess.

Name That Tune

Preteens usually have some pretty strong music preferences and enjoy listening to their favourite recording artists. A rousing game of Name That Tune is sure to have them all involved and singing along. Put together a mix of a bunch of favourite songs and have someone act as DJ. Split the kids into two groups and give each group a bell. Have the DJ play a song until a bell is rang. The first team to ring the bell must name the song and artist to get a point. The first team to get to 10 points is the winner. Shake it up a little bit by challenging someone on the team to sing the next or first line of the song for an additional point.

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