Ideas for plants for the front border of a house

Written by aya pauli | 13/05/2017
Ideas for plants for the front border of a house
Flowers create an inviting decoration for the front border of a house. (FLOWER GARDEN image by brelsbil from

The front border of a house is the line between the pavement and front edge of the front garden. The borders can be anywhere from about 8 cm (a few inches) to almost a metre (several feet) wide and consist of many different plants. However, the border placement means that your green front garden provides the backdrop and small green border plants will just fade into the green grass. To make an eye-catching border, use large green plants and/or colourful flowers to create a front border that frames your home with an attractive and inviting style.

Mixed-perennial garden

Ideas for plants for the front border of a house
Asters are perennial flowers with spiky petals. (new england aster image by dwags from

A perennial flower mixture provides an attractive front border that's easy to maintain. Perennial flowers keep bloomingy year after year and do not need replanting. An aster-filled front border to a house has a casual and natural style. The perennial flowers thrive in a variety of climates and in the autumn, their spiky purple petals create a dramatic contrast around the flower's large, dark yellow centre. Small clusters of leafy artemisia plants thrive in cool-to-hot climates and can provide a hint of silvery-green to a flower-filled border. Russian sage also has a wide climate tolerance and looks good as a tall plant in the back border area. The 90 cm to 1.5 m (3 to 5 foot) tall bursts of tiny lilac petals and pale green leaves create a lacelike accent against shorter flowers.

Pansy garden

Ideas for plants for the front border of a house
Pansies provide small bursts of assorted colours. (pansy image by DOLPHIN from

A thin border with short flowers provides a subtle trim for a front garden filled with taller plants. The short border helps frame the other plants without blocking the view or overwhelming the landscape. Pansies are a popular type of short flower due to their colour variety, early spring blooms and cool-to-hot climate range. However, a pansy is an annual flower, which means it requires replanting each year, though they often reseed themselves. Pink pansies and purple pansies with yellow centres provide a cheerful spring style for the front border of a house. A random mixture of purple, pale purple, yellow, orange, black and red pansies provides a vivid colour combination for a bold style. A combination of yellow pansies and low evergreen shrubs provides an low-maintenance border with bright splashes of colour.

Shrub roses

Ideas for plants for the front border of a house
Tall rose shrubs provide privacy without looking uninviting. (Rosengarten in Changwon, Serie image by Angelika Bentin from

Roses along the front border of a house provide as much privacy as evergreen hedges, but without the foreboding feel. Tall evergreen hedges tend to appear sombre and cold, whereas colourful roses tend to appear cheerful and inviting. Classic and hybrid rose selections are endless, so the best choice comes down to which rose will thrive in your local climate. 'Carefree Spirit' rose shrubs can grow up to 1.5 m (5 feet) tall and thrive in temperate to hot climates. The hearty shrub consists of small, clustered red flowers with white-yellow centres. The bright and irregular flower patches among the dark green leaves provides an eye-catching contrast. 'Blanc Double de Coubert' rose shrubs can grow up to 2.1 m (7 feet) tall and thrive in many climates. The large shrub consists of medium-size, snowy white flowers in small clusters. The bold flower colour provides a crisp, clean style.

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