Laser tag birthday party goodie bag ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Laser tag is a combination of role play, adventure and excitement. It is also a popular birthday party theme. Children are able to gather, play their favourite game and celebrate a birthday all at the same time. Many laser tag centres offer birthday party packages. You can include laser tag themed party favours and goody bags. Filling the bags with items that can be used for laser tag games is a creative way to people in the party mood.

Complimentary Passes

Once children get an opportunity to play laser tag, they may look forward to doing it again. For this reason, include complimentary passes to visit a laser tag centre in your birthday goody bag. Each child will have the chance to visit and play a few rounds of laser tag and redeem the pass when it works best for her schedule. If you are throwing your birthday party at a laser tag centre, group rates may be available for the passes.

Face Painting

Laser tag offers the opportunity to decorate your face with camouflage-inspired colours. This adds to the role-playing aspect of the game. Including face paints in the birthday party goody bag prepares guests the fun. The goody bags can be handed out before playing tag so everyone has a chance to decorate their faces. Face paints can be purchased at most craft stores and education outlets.

Action Figures

If you are hosting a party for younger children, fill the goody bag with items that can be used for play. This might include small army men or G.I. Joe figures, flashlights or dog tags with each guest's initials displayed across the front.

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