Gift Ideas for My Boyfriend's 18th

Updated March 23, 2017

The 18th birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone that marks the beginning of legal adulthood and independence. Your boyfriend's 18th birthday should be honoured with gifts that help him make the transition to new circumstances in his life and begin the journey into adulthood.

Dorm and Apartment

If your boyfriend is college-bound, he'll need to outfit his new place. Give him a sheet and comforter set with comfortable pillows; or outfit his study area with a desk organiser, a small lamp, notice board, desk calendar and office supplies. To give your gift a personal touch, buy him a set of towels and monogram his initials on them. You could also deck his walls with a variety of posters from his favourite movies or put together a move-in care package for him. Include cleaning supplies, a gift card for a large discount retailer, snacks and new supplies of his favourite toiletries.


Should boredom strike, he'll be ready with an entertainment gift from you. A mini-foosball table will keep him and friends occupied, as will a new video game console and a mini-library of competitive games. Or, get him a subscription to an online movie or book rental service so that he always has something new to watch or read. You could also upgrade his mp3 player to a touch-screen version and get him a gift card for an online music retailer.


Send your boyfriend a singing telegram for his 18th birthday. Follow up with more romantic silliness and have dinner together at a restaurant-arcade. If you're short on cash, write the story of your relationship and have it printed and bound. You could also compile all the pictures of the two of you and assemble them in a chronological photo album so that he can continue adding to the end. If he's a real romantic, invite him over to your place and have an evening birthday picnic on the floor. Light candles, drink sparkling grape juice, eat chocolate and watch romantic movies together.


Mark your boyfriend's 18th with an adrenalin rush he'll never forget. Take him skydiving, bungee jumping or on a canopy zip-line tour. You could also book a whitewater rafting trip down challenging rapids and test your teamwork skills or book him a chance to be a professional race car driver for the day. Or make a weekend of it with a hiking and camping trip in the mountains without a guide. If you have a few days to spare, take a road trip together. Fill your car with snacks and visit every interesting place within 100 miles of your home.

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