Boys Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

With the perfect cake, any boy's birthday party can be a hit. Make the cake interesting, attractive and fun and the birthday boy will have no complaints. Think about what he's interested in when you're deciding which direction you should go. Cakes can be pretty wild these days, so don't be afraid to get creative,


Boys love animals, so choose his favourite and make a cake out of it. If you don't know how to shape a cake into an animal form after it's baked--don't worry. You can find cake pans in all sorts of shapes these days. Check them out at your local party or speciality baking store. Bake the cake and then decorate it with colourful frosting. Try using candies, like gumdrops or chocolates, to make the animal's features like eyes and noses.


If your boy is into sports, his cake can reflect that. Soccer, baseball, basketball or anything with a round ball is easy enough. Just make a round cake and decorate it to look like the ball used in his favourite sport. If you can't find an oval cake pan and want to make a football, just bake two round cakes and cut out the centres of both. Put them together and you'll have a football shape.

Cartoon/Movie Characters

All boys are into some kind of cartoon or movie character, whether it's "Star Wars" or Bob the Builder. You can find figurines for the most popular characters at your local party store that are safe to use with cakes or food. Simply bake a cake, ice it, and decorate it with the figurines. The birthday boy can keep the figurines at the end of the party, or he can give them to his guests as party favours.

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