Different Macrame Knots

Written by eric benac
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Different Macrame Knots
Use knots to create beautiful macrame. (knot image by Radoslav Lazarov from Fotolia.com)

Macrame is a fibre art style that doesn't involve needles or hooks. Instead, threads are tied together by hand into beautiful patterns. Many materials can be used from fine thread and leather strips to hemp twine and silk cording. This style of fibre art has been around since the 14th century. There are many different kinds of knots you can use to create beautiful macrame jewellery and accessories.

Square Knot

The square knot is perhaps the most used knot in macrame. Originally used for tying boats to docks, it is designed to be a sturdy, long-lasting knot. Square knots are "body" cords in that they build the basic pattern for macrame. Tying a square knot is simple. To tie a square knot, cross the left rope over the right to create an "X." Wrap the left cord around the right and pull it like tying shoe laces. The left cord end in your X should point right while the right cord end points left. Cross the left over the right again and make another X. Pull the knot tightly together and you have a square knot.You can also use different coloured strings for a more colourful effect. A long string of square knots up and down your macrame will look bold and stylish.

Cat's Paw Hitch

Every knot in macrame has a purpose. Some, like the square knot, form the basic pattern. Others are simply used to bind cords together or to another surface. The cat's paw hitch is one of these knots. Use the cat's paw hitch to secure your cords to rings, dowels, chair surfaces and any other surface you wish to decorate with macrame. Loop a cord, bring the right end over the object, wrap it three times around the right side of the loop and do the same with the left side of the cord. Pull the ends together to tighten the knot and tie them together to finish your knot. While this knot is mostly utilitarian, it can also be used to add variety and style to your pattern.

Half Hitch

A half-hitch knot is another commonly used "body" knot. It combines well with the square knot. Alternating patterns of half hitches and square knots can make dizzying macrame patterns. This knot needs two cords but three or more can also be used. Simply bunch the cords together into two different strands. Try using different colours of cords for a bolder look.

To tie a half hitch, pull the left cord over the right over and over again, tying small knots with the cord. Once you have created a small mass of knots, move further down in the cord and create more half hitch knots. These simple knots add mass to your macrame patterns with minimum fuss.

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