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Updated November 22, 2016

Self-publishing allows new and emerging writers to break into the publishing industry. Some self-published books have even become best sellers and been picked up by established publishers. Anyone can become a published author, but it takes money to successfully self-publish a book. The self-published writer must pay for printing, copyright, obtaining an ISBN number, as well as promotional and business costs. Fortunately, there are grants available from a variety of sources to help fund self-published projects.

Kickstarter Creative Funding

Kickstarter is an innovative new way to ask for funding for creative projects. Grantseekers can post a description of the project and ask for a specific amount of money to fund it. Interested donors may then offer funds. If the total amount asked for is reached by the project's deadline date, the grantseeker will receive the funds. If not, the grant request is cancelled and donors' credit cards are not charged.

There is no upper limit as to how much money writers can request for their projects. Those interested can register with the website and submit a paragraph detailing the scope of their project and fund request.

Kickstarter Creative Funding

United States Institute of Peace

The United States Institute of Peace awards annual grants for projects related to advocating the cause of peace. Self-published authors whose proposed project is meant to help establish peace in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world are welcome to apply for funding. Examples of projects related to the cause of peace are books suggesting solutions to religious-based conflict, fiction about the effects of war on the characters, or poetry about the role of women in peace efforts.

Grants range from £32,500-$120,000. Projects are funded for 1-2 years. Individuals receiving grants must partner with a non-profit organisation such as a library or organisation devoted to the cause they are writing about.

Interested people may submit an application online for the grant. Applicants are required to submit three letters of reference along with a proposal for their project and an explanation of how it relates to the USIP's goals.

United Institute of Peace 1200 17th Street NW Washington, DC 20036 202-457-1700

Xeric Foundation Grants for Comic Book Self Publishers

The Xeric Foundation offers grants to people who publish comic books. The foundation's mission is to help offset comic book publication costs. Qualified applicants can receive up to £3,250 to publish their projects.

Interested publishers may send 6 copies of their application packet to the Xeric Foundation. Each application packet consists of a cover letter, a statement detailing the project and why the author wants to self-publish, résumés for all artists and writers involved in the project, a financial form (provided on the foundation's website), an itemised budget for the project, and a copy of the project.

Xeric Foundation 351 Pleasant Street #214 Northampton, Massachusetts 01060 413-585-0671

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