Adult Baptism Gifts

Updated July 20, 2017

When an adult makes a decision to be baptised, it is an important moment in his life. A gift is a wonderful way to help mark the occasion and give the person a lasting memento. While any token would be appreciated, here are some special recommendations.

Inscribed Bible

A bible inscribed with the recipient's name and the date of the baptism makes a thoughtful gift. Bibles are available in many styles, and they even come with specific themes. For example, there are bibles geared toward mothers, police officers and even hunters. Most religious bookstores will be able to inscribe bibles, and some retail websites specialise in religious books.

Religious Jewelry

Religious jewellery is a wonderful memento of an adult baptism. This could be a cross necklace, earrings or a pin. Another option is to choose a piece of jewellery that is specific to a certain denomination, such as rosary beads for a Catholic. An extra-special touch would be to have the date of the baptism engraved on the back of the jewellery.

Framed Certificate

Many churches provide a person who was baptised with a certificate. Having that certificate professionally framed is a fitting gift. With the certificate beautifully mounted and framed it becomes something that can be proudly displayed within the recipient's home.

Photograph of Baptism

A framed photograph of the recipient being baptised is a gift that will likely be treasured for years. Consider placing the photograph in a frame that is engraved with a scripture for added meaning.


There are many lovely paintings and prints that depict baptisms. Such artwork makes a well-suited gift for an adult baptism. To make the gift more personal you can attach a small plaque bearing the date of the recipient's baptism to the frame.

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