Ways to attach vinyl banners

Updated March 23, 2017

Vinyl banners are durable signs that people use to advertise at events and gatherings. They are preferable for outdoor applications compared to standard paper banners because they are weatherproof. Many vinyl signs come with perforated holes that are reinforced with metal rings at the corners (sometimes called grommets or "D" or "O" rings) to make them easier to attach to surfaces for hanging. However, there are several ways in which you may choose to hang your vinyl banner.


You can purchase plastic hooks with strong suction cups on the back or metal hooks with screws on the end. The plastic hooks are best if you plan to position the vinyl banner up against a building, truck or similar hard surface. Push one of the suction cups in place on the surface, hang one corner of the banner on the hook using the grommet or "O" ring in the banner, then repeat the process on the other side. Or, use metal hooks to screw into walls and trees (with permission from the property owner) and hang the sign using the same process.


You can also attach a vinyl banner to a surface using rope, cable or vine. Loop the rope through the corner holes of the banner and tie a secure knot around the hole. Then tie each rope end to a sturdy pole, hook or branch on your surface and knot it into place. Be sure to tie down the bottom of the vinyl banner with the rope as well.

Presser Point Nails

Two to four presser point nails, those shaped like the letter "U" with two sharp points at the end, can also secure a vinyl banner. This method works well when hanging a vinyl banner between two trees or wooden poles (again, get the permission of the property owner before nailing anything into a wood surface). Position the top corner of the banner on the tree. Place one point of the presser nail inside of the hanging hole and the other outside of the banner. Hammer it in place. Repeat this for the other top corner on the other tree and then also for the bottom hanging holes, if you wish.


Some people prefer to attach a vinyl banner to a building with screws and washers. The banner itself must be equipped with special grommets (rings) that fit the size of standard screws. To attach the sign, place a washer over the screw and then insert it into each designated grommet to keep the banner in place. This option is best if you plan to keep the sign on the building for an extended period of time.

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