Adult circus party ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The circus is an adventure and a source of delight for people of all ages. You can bring its wonder, excitement and joy to your own adult party and let every guest feel like a child again, entranced by the spectacle. A circus theme works well for a birthday, anniversary or other celebration. Fill your party with unusual entertainment acts, bright colours, carnival food and a wide variety of sights and sounds, so there is something to entice all of the senses.


Make circus ticket invitations. Create invitations that say "Admit One" and provide the details of the party. Have guests bring their invitation to be admitted. Create an invitation on a long piece of paper. Roll into a scroll and place inside a balloon. Mail the balloon to guests. Or hand deliver blown-up balloons to invitees to set the tone and idea of the party.


Set up a big top tent to host the party in. You can use large canopy tents and decorate them with bright painted stripes. Make pennant flags and banners to hang outside the tent. Blow up numerous balloons and use bright primary colours to cover the tables. If the party is for a specific person use spotlights or twinkle Christmas lights to put their name in lights on the ceiling of the big top.


Entertainment is the central part of a circus theme party. Hire some unusual acts to entertain such as a sword-swallower, fire breather, lion tamer, clowns who do balloon creations and juggle or trapezee and trampoline stunt artists. Set up a face painting station. Have a hula hoop contest or juggling contest.


Serve typical carnival and circus food. Barbecue hot dogs and hamburgers. Set up a nachos station. Rent a candyfloss machine and popcorn machine. Leave out bowls full of animal crackers, taffy and cracker jacks.


Stamp brown paper bags with images of clowns, balloons and other circus-related images. Fill the bags with goodies such as kettle corn, flavoured peanuts and peanut brittle. Fold the bag down and punch a hole in the fold. Tie with a bright coloured ribbon.

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