Kids Disco Games

Updated June 13, 2017

Allow the children attending a disco-themed party, participating in a dance-themed classroom event or spending a lazy afternoon at home expend energy and show off their skills with entertaining dance-related games. Let the children choose a favourite compact disc and roll back the rug to enjoy individual, team or quiet disco games.

Freeze Dance

Let the children showcase their best dance moves with a simple game of "freeze dance." The kids can dance, spin and sway as you play disco music in the background. As soon as the music stops, the dancers must freeze immediately. Any dancers who continue to move once the music stops must leave the dance floor. Continue the game until only one dancing king or queen remains.

Disco Costume Relay

Capture the look of the disco era with a relay race that requires players to run across the room, dress in a disco-inspired costume, have a digital picture taken, remove the costume and run back to the tag the next player in line. Assemble two identical disco costumes to accommodate two teams. Gather outfits such as leisure suits, gold-coloured plastic chains, platform shoes and sunglasses. Rent or buy small adult-leisure suits if you have any larger children who may have a tough time getting in and out of a child-sized suit quickly.

Pass the Disco Ball

Entertain younger kids with a Hot Potato-inspired game using a small, mirrored disco ball. If you don't have a disco ball available or feel that the sharp edges of the mirrors may scrape or cut the children, use a silver-coloured rubber ball, a rolled up grey sock or a styrofoam ball covered with silver sequins instead. Play a disco song to begin the game. The first child must hold the disco ball, do a simple dance step and then pass the ball to the next player in line. Repeat the process until the music stops. Whoever is holding the ball must leave the game. Continue playing to find the ultimate disco ball champion.

Dance Race

Put a spin on the typical running relay race by dividing the group into teams and having the players dance across the room and back before tagging the next teammate in line. Play disco music to accompany the racers and let them dance in any style they choose.

Word Games

Help the children wind down at the end of the event with word games featuring a disco theme. If the children are familiar with disco music and artists from the 1970s, print out trivia questions that require the players to match the song to the artist, the lyric to the song or the artist to the album title. If the kids don't know much about disco music, create a simple word scramble by mixing up the letters of song titles that players can unscramble without even knowing how the song goes or who sings it.

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