18Th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Updated February 21, 2017

An 18th birthday is a milestone event in a person's life. This is the age that officially marks the beginning of adulthood. At this age, you are legally able to vote, serve in the armed forces and play the lottery. Many will begin college at this age and be out on their own for the very first time in their lives. A celebration is certainly warranted for this birthday. If you know a girl who is about to turn 18, consider using some of these ideas for her party.

A Night on the Town

An 18-year-old girl will appreciate celebrating her birthday in style with a surprise night on the town. Instead of the traditional party where guests are invited to one area, this party is taken on the road. Rent a limousine and make reservations at a variety of places that you know the guest of honour will enjoy. For example, you could arrange for dinner reservations at her favourite restaurant or purchase tickets to a show. Inform the limo driver of the locations that the party will be travelling. Don't provide the birthday girl or the party guests with any information regarding the evening. Inform the guests and the birthday girl to don their nicest apparel and tell them what time they need to be ready. They will be delighted when a limousine shows up to take them for a night on the town. Of course, no parents will attend this party.

Childhood Memories

To honour the fact the celebrant is now an official adult, take a walk down memory lane by throwing her a birthday party that commemorates all of her favourite childhood things. Fill the room with balloons, crepe paper streamers and banners in her favourite colour. Blow up pictures from her childhood birthday parties and display them around the room. When the birthday girl arrives, present her with a tiara and a sash that says "Birthday Girl." For entertainment, plan on having games that she enjoyed when she was a child--perhaps Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey and Musical Chairs. Serve food and refreshments that will remind her of her childhood--maybe candyfloss, pigs-in-a-blanket, snow cones, milk shakes and root beer floats. Have the cake fashioned after her most beloved toy, such as Barbie or Rainbow Brite. The birthday girl and all of her guests will certainly enjoy going back in time during this party.

Celebrity Style

Celebrate this significant birthday in style with a party fit for a celebrity--of course, the birthday girl will be the celebrity at this event. Arrange to have the party at a swanky venue or turn your home into a happening club scene. Decorate with black lights, coloured spot lights and disco balls. Include a fog machine to add a dramatic, club-like effect. Create a V.I.P. area that all are welcome to visit with coffee tables and couches. Hire a d.j. to provide lively tunes so that guests can dance the night away. Arrange to have a "bouncer" at the door who will stamp partygoers hands as they arrive. Serve a mock cocktails and tasty finger foods.

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