21st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

While the 20th anniversary is a major milestone that most people celebrate in a big way, the 21st can be a bit overshadowed. But another year married to the person that you love is always something to celebrate. Choose a gift fitting of the occasion. The traditional gifts for 21 years together is brass or nickel, so consider something made of those materials.


Go with a brass gift for your spouse to celebrate your 21st anniversary. For example, choose a brass corkscrew and give it to him along with a bottle of Champagne or his favourite wine. Another idea is a brass statue to place inside your home or outside in the yard. You could choose a statue shaped like a Labrador retriever, for example, if he has a dog that he loves. For a woman, choose vintage brass jewellery, such as brass earrings or charms for a charm bracelet.


Lots of different types of gifts are made with nickel. For example, choose a nickel-plated picture frame for her and place a photo of the two of your on your wedding day in the frame. Choose other items, such as a mirror with a brushed nickel frame, a lamp, a wine rack or a jewellery box.


Maybe you spent a lot of money on your 20th anniversary and have decided to go with less expensive gifts to each other this year. In that case, create a scrapbook for your husband. Use pictures and other mementos you have saved throughout the years. For example, start with your dating years and put pictures of the two of you on trips and holidays. Write passages that describe some of your favourite memories. Include pages devoted to your engagement, wedding, children and other major life events you have shared. Leave some blank pages in the back so that you can continue adding to this scrapbook.

Recreate a Date

Perhaps there is a particular day or date from years past that both of you remember fondly. Rather than getting a gift, recreate that day. For example, choose the day that you got engaged. Go to the same restaurant you went to, or go to a similar one in your city. Give her a piece of jewellery at the point in the evening when you got engaged. One of your best dates could have been something playful, such as a trip to the zoo or a hike through the woods. The important part about your anniversary is looking back on your life together and spending time together.

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