Food-fight party ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Food fights are generally discouraged at civilised parties and meals, but these free-for-all food-slinging wars are great fun when properly planned for. A child's birthday, summer picnic or any occasion is a good excuse for a food-fight party and adults will probably enjoy it just as much as the kids. Take all the proper precautions to avoid damage during the fight and then enjoy playing with your food.

Keeping it Clean

Alert guests to your food-fight theme ahead of time so that they know to wear old clothes. Once the guests arrive, give them each a disposable plastic rain poncho, safety goggles and shower caps to provide protection from the flying food. Purchase the items in bulk to reduce costs and ensure that you have enough for all of your guests. Food-fight parties are easier to clean up when held outside, but if you must keep the party indoors, spread out a sheet of plastic or a painter's dust sheet to protect your floor from spills and stains. You may want to cover the walls as well. Tape the cloths down to keep them in place throughout the party.

Arm your Guests

Take the food fight to the next level by arming each guest with a sling shot or a marshmallow blowgun made of PVC pipe. Set out edible slingshot ammo such as doughnut holes, grapes, melon balls, and hard-boiled eggs with the shells removed. The marshmallow blowguns can fire miniature marshmallows, small grapes and gummy candies such as Dots or Sour Patch Kids. Try to avoid any hard foods such as apples or jawbreakers to reduce the risk of injury upon impact with a fast-moving snack.

Food-Smashing Party

Take inspiration from the comedian Gallagher and incorporate food smashing into your food-fight party. Give each guest a large wooden mallet and set up an assortment of smashable food including watermelons, pound cake, grapes, bananas and any other food that is sure to make a mess when pounded with a mallet. Reduce costs by making wooden mallets at home using a length of four-inch-by-four-inch board. Cut the board into eight-inch sections and drill a hole in the centre extending approximately halfway through the board. Glue a wooden dowel into the hole to serve as a handle and let it dry completely for at least 24 hours before the party. Let the guests take their food-splattered mallets home with them to remember your food-fight party.

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