Teen Spa Birthday Party Ideas

Updated June 26, 2018

If the teen birthday girl enjoys pampering herself, a spa birthday party is an ideal option. She celebrates in style with her closest friends in a relaxing environment. There are many options for the teen spa party in location and activities. Spend a few hours on pampering the teens or turn it into a spa slumber party to extend the fun. Involve the birthday girl in the planning process.


The invitations to the teen spa party set the tone for the event. Homemade invitations add a personal touch to the announcements. For a simple invitation, purchase a small bottle of lotion or other spa item for each guest. Print out the party details on a piece of card stock or decorative paper. Attach the party detail card to the bottle using curling ribbon. This invitation idea is best if they will be hand-delivered. They can be mailed but will cost you more postage than a traditional invitation.


The budget and personal preference influence the location selection for the teen spa party. A spa party is easy to do at home with a few decorations and recipes for homemade spa treatments. This option is the most budget-friendly location. If you don't want to worry about the mess at home, move the spa party to a hotel room and turn it into a slumber party. The teens can do the spa treatments, enjoy room service and take a dip in the hotel pool before crashing for the night. An actual spa is another possibility if you have more money to spend. Take the teen girls to the spa and let them have a treatment or two done together.

Spa Treatments

The spa treatments make up the main activity of the teen spa party. If you're holding the event at an actual spa, they handle the treatments for you. If you're having the party at home, you can either purchase the materials at the store or make your own. Pedicures and manicures are a simple option for the spa party. The girls can also do facials, body sugar scrubs and other simple treatments. Set the tone for the spa treatments with low lighting and lots of candles. Have plenty of towels handy.


The menu for a spa party is different than a more formal party setting. Finger foods work well because the girls can nibble between spa treatments. Place the finger foods on silver platters for a more upscale spa feeling. Things such as tea sandwiches, veggies, mini muffins, dips and cheeses work well for the food. Serve the girls orange juice or sparkling grape juice in champagne glasses to add to the elegant feeling of the party.


The spa theme lends itself well to themed party favours. A cosmetic bag full of make-up, lotions, body scrubs and other spa-like items is a good option. You can customise the contents of the bag based on the preferences of the girls at the party. A gift token to a local spa also works as a party favour. You can also give each girl her own robe, slippers or monogrammed towel as she arrives to use at the party. She can then take home the gift as her party favour.

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