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Updated February 21, 2017

Paragrave is a Utah-based company that manufactures carving, engraving and sandblasting tools and equipment. Its tools are available for outright purchase or on payment plans. They come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, and most have a lifetime warranty. The company offers tool kits, along with accessories and training materials, for both hobbyists and professional engravers,

Discovery Pak

The Discovery Pak includes the company's flagship product, the Power Pen, the world's fastest engraving tool at 500,000rpm. Two diamond and three tungsten-carbide cutters are also included, along with a half-ounce of specially formulated lubricating oil, a 5-inch clear hose, a half-inch compression fitting and a durable carrying case. The Discovery Pak also contains five StickyBack tracing papers, a router base and an on/off brass air valve. This kit is targeted at entry-level engravers and offers the basics necessary to start the art off as a hobby or to potentially learn it as a profession. A tool set-up DVD is also included to guide you through the process of setting up the equipment. A limitation of this kit is the 1-year warranty.

Talent Pak

This kit is aimed at engravers with an intermediate level of expertise and includes the same Power Pen featured in the Discovery Pak, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition to the tool set-up DVD, two DVDs covering Basic Engraving Courses 1 & 2 and a specialised training DVD on gunstock relief carving are also provided. Twenty adhesive tracing paper sheets are included, along with the same fittings as in the Discovery Pak. The Talent Pak also includes an additional 12 diamond and 12 tungsten-carbide cutters, as well as the standard two diamond and three tungsten-carbide ones. Paragrave also offers a 1-horsepower Air America compressor with a 15-inch hose and in-line regulator, air filter, water trap, safety glasses, two respirators/dust masks, cutter insertion tools, wire brush, Power Pen stand and a 1-year ParaNetwork membership that includes newsletters, classes and discounts.

Extra Income Engraving System

This kit is targeted at the entry-level professional engraver and features the same Power Pen from the previous packs, as well as all the other contents of the Talent Pak. In addition, four specialised DVDs on gunstock, knife, stone and glass carving are included, as well as an automatic in-line oiler, 30 additional StickyBack tracing papers, Deluxe Artwork Pak (with more than 500 pages and 2000 images), a deluxe aluminium carrying case, Turnkey WebPak website and a 5-year ParaNetwork membership that includes subscriptions, classes and discounts.

Paragrave Business System

This business kit is for serious professional carvers and includes two Power Pens with a lifetime warranty. Apart from everything included in the Discovery Pak, this kit includes a custom carrying case, cleaning stone, electric foot control, 147ml of lubricating oil, 100 adhesive tracing sheets, a 50-piece cutter kit with 25 diamond and 25 tungsten-carbide cutters, a Thomas silent compact compressor with a rolling carrying case, aluminium quiet box for the compressor, Premium Artwork Pak, 10-inch compressor hose, six specialised training DVDs (including the ones in the Extra Income Engraving System pack), as well as tutorials on eggshells, weddings and scrimshaw. A business WebPak featuring a turnkey website package, a business identity and branding package, IdentiGrave Pak, Marketing Pak, dealership license and a lifetime ParaNetwork membership are also included.


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