60th wedding anniversary ideas for decorations

Written by steven white | 13/05/2017
60th wedding anniversary ideas for decorations
Diamonds are an excellent representative of permanence and strength. (diamond image by sumos from Fotolia.com)

Sixty years of marriage is an accomplishment worth celebrating. In the 19th century, Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th jubilee with diamonds. This theme was so fashionable that it became the accepted theme for modern 60th wedding anniversaries. There are no flowers associated with a 60th wedding anniversary, so the majority of the decorations should be diamond themed.

Trivia Game Boxes

Give the guests and the wedding couple something to talk about and remember with a trivia party game box at each table. Purchase the trivia games from the decade in which the couple got married and see how many questions the guests and guests of honour can get right.

Diamond Table Confetti

The diamond anniversary calls for diamonds scattered wherever possible. Consider surrounding the table centrepieces with diamond shaped table confetti. For a real added sparkle, consider using crystal vases filled with the confetti as the centrepiece.

Pictures in Silver Frames

After 60 years of marriage, the couple will have plenty of pictures to share with the guests. Place some pictures of their wedding, early years, important events and favourite memories in silver picture frames and set them at each table. For an added theme touch, consider finding some frames that say 60th anniversary, or that have diamond decorations.

Photo Area

An event of this magnitude is the perfect chance for family photos. Consider setting up a photo posing area using a wedding arch decorated with white, silver tipped roses and large diamonds. For an added theme touch, consider hanging some diamonds from the arch using fishing lure, so that they look like they are floating in the air.

Diamond Cake

Wedding style cakes are for more than just wedding receptions. Consult with a local baker and create a customised 60th anniversary cake, complete with diamond studded icing roses and a huge 60th wedding anniversary cake topper.

Table Settings

A 60th wedding anniversary is a special occasion, and should be decorated properly. Create the table settings with folded napkins, toasting flutes and proper silverware to add the proper tone for the event.

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