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Updated April 17, 2017

As man's best friend's best friend, it's important that we give our dogs the nutrients they need. As carnivores, it's important that a dog's diet be high in meat and protein. However, with so many choices on the market, how can you know which brands make the best food for your pooch?

Orijen Dog Food

Orijen is regarded as one of the highest-quality packaged dog foods available. With absolutely no grain, Orijen instead pulls its carbohydrates from potatoes. A healthy mix of chicken, turkey, lake whitefish, russet potatoes and other meats, vegetables and fruits, this is a well-balanced dog food. According to the bag, the adult dog food contains 70 per cent protein and 30 per cent fruits and vegetables. Orijen even contains probiotic microorganisms and beneficial herbs to add to an already well-rounded list of ingredients.

Wellness Core

For those of you with active dogs, it's important to make sure they get the protein they need to maintain their health. Wellness Core dog food by Old Mother Hubbard is one of the most trusted high-protein dry varieties available today. Similar to Orijen, Wellness Core contains no grain, instead drawing its carbohydrates from potatoes. Talk to your veterinarian before switching to Wellness Core to determine if your dog is active enough to metabolise that much protein. If not, Wellness, as a brand, offers many other varieties of dog food that are just as well regarded as its Core formula.


Canidae is a high quality wet dog food that comes in a can. According to the manufacturers, it contains no fillers, though it does not contain grain. The meat used in Canidae is of a high enough quality for people to eat, so you know your dog will love it and benefit from the healthy mix of chicken, lamb and fish. Though the canned version of Canidae is great, its dry food underwent some ingredient changes in 2008, which some experts say lowered the quality. However, since the canned food was unchanged, it remains a great recommendation for anybody wanting top-of-the-line premium dog food.

Nature's Variety

Nature's Variety comes in many different varieties for all types of dogs. From its high-protein dry food, Instinct, to its raw USDA-approved meat, all iterations of Nature's Variety are high quality with very little to no filler. According to customers, dogs enjoy Nature's Variety, and it is known for being easy to digest. All of these positive elements make this one of the best brands you can choose.

Innova Evo

Evo is touted as a tasty, nutritional dog food that offers the same benefits as a raw diet. Canned and kibble versions are available, and Innova recommends you use both to promote the most balanced diet possible. Taken together, it promotes healthy skin and fur and provides bundles of energy.

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