Flower Arrangements for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Most kids enjoy the bright colours and fascinating shapes of flowers in bloom, and working with your child on flower arrangements can be a good way to nurture your child's love of flowers. Arranging flowers with children is simple and fun if you choose arrangement techniques that they can easily master and keep it interesting with containers and supplies they'll be excited to use.

One by One

One of the easiest flower arrangements for kids to make is also one of the most dramatic. Line up a row of similarly sized, small containers down the middle of the table, along the mantle, on a window sill or wherever you want your arrangement to go. Choosing identical containers will give you a more graphic, modern look; an eclectic mix of containers is whimsical and romantic. Fill the containers halfway with water, and ask your child to add a single bloom to each container. (You'll probably want to trim the flowers so that they're only an inch or two taller than the container to get the best results.) Even toddlers can carefully place one flower at a time into one vase at a time, and the result is quite charming. Consider making a game out of it, especially if your kids are younger, by asking them to make a pattern, choose flowers in a certain colour family or choose the smallest flowers.

Floating Flowers

Underwater flowers look dreamy and magical---just the kind of place that deep-sea divers like to explore or mermaids gather to brush their hair. Encourage your child's imagination by helping him create a floating flower arrangement. You'll need a clear glass container to house your underwater bouquet, and you have to trim the flower stems so that they are the right length to fit inside the container you've chosen. Let your child collect small bunches of flowers, and tie the stems together with a string. Attach a small weight when you tie the string so that the flowers won't float to the surface---a shower curtain weight, piece of clay or large beads will work fine. Fill the container almost to the top with water, and let your child add the bouquet or bouquets as he likes, watching the flowers slowly sink beneath the water.

Cool Containers

Single flower arrangements---like groupings of daisies, carnations or other sturdy flowers---are good for beginning flower arrangers, but they can get a little boring. One solution is to put them into a container your child will be excited about using. Just about any container will work as long as you have a sturdy plastic or glass container that you can fit snugly inside it. Consider making a vase from a cowboy hat, a rocket ship, a Lego or block construction or another of your child's favourites. Then, your child can fill the container with a cluster of bright flowers and have an arrangement she really loves.

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