What Perfumes Smell Like Vanilla?

Written by annalie viers-brighton | 13/05/2017
What Perfumes Smell Like Vanilla?
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Do you want to find a new fragrance that smells like vanilla? Vanilla is a popular scent for many different perfumes, but some vanilla-scented fragrances stand out against others. Here are some of the best fragrances for those who love the smell of vanilla.

Pink Sugar by Aquolina

What Perfumes Smell Like Vanilla?
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Pink Sugar by Aquolina is a cult-classic fragrance. Described as "stylish and lively", Pink Sugar smells much like its name. It has a sweet, candy smell, described as a blend of vanilla and caramel. Packaged in a girlie bottle with pink stripes, this is definitely a very young fragrance. Pink Sugar can also be purchased as a creamy solid, a sparkling shimmer spray and a unique hair perfume.

Vanilla Extreme Eau de Toilette by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

What Perfumes Smell Like Vanilla?
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Vanilla Extreme Eau de Toilette by Comptoir Sud Pacifique is a strong fragrance that is said to capture the scent of pure Tahitian Vanilla and evoke the feeling of a hot night on a Tahitian beach. Most Comptoir Sud Pacifique fragrances are created with hints of vanilla, but Vanilla Extreme is the purest and strongest vanilla fragrance in the line. This fragrance smells similar to a bottle of vanilla extract, and has great staying power.

Pure Vanilla by Lavanila Laboratories

What Perfumes Smell Like Vanilla?
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Pure Vanilla by Lavanila Laboratories is described as "the perfect vanilla". Pure Vanilla really lives up to its name. The perfume is completely natural. Pure Vanilla's only listed ingredients are: Madagascar vanilla, Freesia, Patchouli, Heliotrope and Tonka Bean. Eco-friendly girls who eschew chemicals in their perfume will love this yummy, all-natural scent.

Bath and Body Works

What Perfumes Smell Like Vanilla?
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Bath and Body Works offers a great line of vanilla-scented products called Warm Vanilla Sugar. Besides a shampoo, body gel and candles, Warm Vanilla Sugar is available in an aromatic Eau de Toilette. Warm Vanilla Sugar is a very purely scented fragrance. Bath and Body Works offers two other vanilla fragrance lines with a slight edge. Black Rasberry Vanilla is a vanilla perfume with a fruity edge, and Vanilla Noir is a sexier, spicier vanilla fragrance.


What Perfumes Smell Like Vanilla?
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Quirky fragrance company Demeter, known for its outrageous scents like Clean Windows and Pipe Tobacco, offers a few perfumes for vanilla lovers. Vanilla Cake Batter and Vanilla Ice Cream smell exactly like their names. Waffle Cone has an airy vanilla afterthought that wearers will love, while Hot Kiss Sugar Addict is an intense mix of vanilla, butter and cream. Users should be warned that Demeter fragrances are notorious for hitting you strongly at first and then quickly fading. Be willing to reapply every few hours if you are plan to purchase one of these delightfully unique fragrances.

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