Simple Church Wedding Decorating Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

There are beautiful, simple church wedding decorations that fit every budget. First, however, brides and grooms getting married in a church should check ahead of time to see what decorations are allowed and aren't allowed. Some churches have limitations on candles. For instance, all candles might have to be in containers. Also, consider the theme of the wedding when deciding upon decorations.

Doors of the Church

When guests approach the church, the first thing they'll see is the entrance to the church and the doors. Couples should consider decorating the doors. If the couple has a large decor budget, they could have their florist make wreaths out of roses that match their colour palette to hang on the church doors with wide ribbon. This is a romantic, yet simplistic decoration. If the couple has a smaller budget, they could get wood letters for the first initial of their names from their local craft store, cover them with moss and hang them from the church doors.

Church Aisle

Couples can inexpensively and simply line the church aisle with large pillar candles in hurricane glasses. They could also get real or fake rose petals to scatter down the sides of the aisle. If the couple isn't capable of using candles due to church regulations, they could hang a wreath made from faux pearls, paper flowers, baby's breath or roses on the end of each pew.

Altar Decorations

Many couples want to have some type of altar decorations, because it's the most important place during the ceremony. These decorations will also show up in lots of pictures. Couples should ask the church if it has decorations that it rents out for weddings. Some have beautiful candelabras, pillar candles, an arch to stand under and faux floral arrangements. If the church doesn't rent decorations, the couple could ask their florist to make one large floral arrangement with inexpensive flowers for the altar.

Reception Decorations

If the couple is also having a reception at the church, they should consider simple wedding decorations for it as well. If they're having the reception outside, they could hang paper pom-poms or lanterns from the trees. If the reception is inside, they could hang a banner that says "just married" near the refreshments. They could make the banner out of cardstock or scrapbook paper and hang it with coordinating ribbon. If they want simple floral centrepieces, they could ask their florist to make centrepieces from carnations. Use the same colour flower for each centrepiece to make them stand out.

Make the guest book part of the decorations by having it on a separate table that's decorated with framed pictures of the couple. Coordinate the guest book with the theme or colours of the wedding and have it available at the ceremony and reception. This way more guests will see it and have the opportunity to sign it.

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