Cathedral Ceiling Window Treatments

Homes with cathedral ceilings are a decorator's nightmare. In addition to lofty ceilings and impossible angles, this style of architecture generally features a number of oddly shaped windows. Angle top windows add character, but they present major problems when it comes time to think of appropriate ways to beautify, block the sun and provide privacy. Luckily, manufacturers of window treatments now offer a wide variety of hard and soft options to cover angled windows.

Vertical Blinds

Love them or hate them, vertical blinds make an ideal choice for shading cathedral ceiling windows. These fully functioning blinds feature an angled track based on exact window specifications. The blinds simply stack back to the higher side of the window.


You might overlook shutters as a solution to angled windows, but wood and faux wood shutters can be made to fit any unusual window shape. An installer first takes measurements and then your shutter company will produce custom treatments based on your angled window dimensions. Virtually all shutter companies guarantee their measurements. If a shutter does not properly fit, the company will adjust or remake the shutter at no cost to you.

Sunburst Treatment

Sunburst window treatments are typically used to cover round and oval windows. Because of their classic design, the demand for gathered and pleated sunburst treatments for angled windows has grown in recent years. The sunburst design works for high cathedral ceiling windows requiring a stationary, light-filtering treatment.

Tinted Film

Professionally installed tinted film will preserve your views and reduce sun glare. Most window film companies offer lifetime product warranties. Window film offers a budget-friendly way to cover your angle top cathedral ceiling windows.

Cellular Shades

Companies, such as Hunter Douglas, provide complete lines of cellular and pleated shades specifically made for angled windows. Not only do these shades look stylish, they also insulate your home year-round.

Faux Wrought Iron

For a strictly decorative touch, consider faux wrought iron window inserts for your cathedral ceiling windows. The window treatments at the My Tableaux website look and feel just like wrought iron without the weight of real metal. The company also offers many standard designs from which to choose. It also creates special designs based a customer's own pattern.

Woven Woods

These natural shades have taken the window coverings industry by storm. Woven wood shades consist of a variety of grasses, woods and bamboo. Most woven woods feature a custom angled head rail. In the raised position, the upper angled portion of the window will remain covered. Use woven woods on a taller cathedral ceiling windows to preserve your view.

Traditional Drapery

Nothing beats traditional drapery to add colour and warmth to an oversized room with cathedral ceilings. The easiest way to hang drapes on an angle top window is to treat the opening as a square or rectangle. This method gives the illusion of a small, untreated triangular window above and a lower window covered by the drapes.

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