What are the fastest growing flowering shrubs?

Flowering shrubs are a wonderful addition to the landscaping around your home. Different shrubs bloom at different seasons, during the summer, spring and autumn months. The blooms are always a welcome addition to your lawn. Our society today loves instant gratification, and the same can be said for our landscaping needs. There are many fast-growing flowering shrubs, and soon you will be enjoying the beauty and scents in your garden area.

Forsythia Shrub

The forsythia bush will present you with beautiful yellow flowers in the spring and late winter months. The branches can be picked in the late winter and forced to bloom inside your home. The forsythia is a very hardy bush and can even endure life in city gardens. It will thrive in full sunshine, partial sun and even shady areas.

Night-blooming Jasmine

The night-blooming Jasmine is a very popular shrub that does best in zones 10 and 11. The jasmine is one of the most fragrant shrubs around. It blooms during the spring and summer months. The blossoms need to be deadheaded to continue the growth of the blooms. This shrub can grow up to a height of 10 feet, according to Zone Ten Nursery's website. The night-blooming jasmine grows best in full or partial sunlight.

Lilac Shrub

A lilac shrub is one of the most popular fast growing shrubs, according to the Garden Ideas website. If you have ever smelled a lilac bush, you know that the heady aroma is delightful. This shrub is easy to care for and requires full or partial sunlight. Lilac bushes are very hardy and resistant to diseases. They bloom in early May and have pink, white or purple blossoms. Prune the lilacs once a year, after the last blooms have faded.

Dwarf Flowering Almond

The dwarf flowering almond shrub has beautiful white or pink blossoms in the spring months. This shrub will grow to a height of four or five feet, according to the University of Illinois Extension website. It does best in zones 5 to 9. The flowering almond does well in moist soil and likes full sunshine.

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