Immunocal Ingredients & Side Effects

Updated April 17, 2017

Immunocal is a powder that is packed with protein. These powder packets do not need a prescription and can be used by almost anyone. Due to its construction, this product can boost your immune system and your metabolism.

Cow's Milk

A serving size for Immunocal is one pouch. In that one pouch, the main ingredient is cow's milk. Although there is milk, only 1 per cent is lactose; it's safe for those individuals who are lactose intolerant.


There are 9 grams of protein in each pouch of Immunocal. It provides 18 per cent of the amount of protein needed per day.


You will find one per cent of your daily value of sodium in each packet. This amount of sodium equals 20 milligrams.


There are 60 milligrams of calcium--or 6 per cent of your needed daily value--in each serving size of Immunocal.

Side Effects

The Immunocal Website says, "Abdominal cramps and bloating can occasionally occur. This is usually corrected by increasing your fluid intake." Some users have complained about rashes as well.


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