What Other Jobs Can I Get With a Teaching Degree?

Updated November 21, 2016

A teaching degree is a versatile degree to have, as it qualifies you for almost any job in the education field. You can be a principal, administrator, tutor or freelance writer or editor in educational publishing. Almost any job in a school system is appropriate if you have this degree, but you may need to get further education.

Instructional Coordinator

Becoming an instructional coordinator involves furthering your education beyond a teaching degree. Depending on the state you live in and the regulations, you may have to get a master's degree in curriculum and instruction. Instructional coordinators write curricula, choose textbooks, train teachers and make sure that educational programs meet local and national standards.

Social Worker

Becoming a social worker in a school also requires you to get more education. This job involves getting a bachelor's degree in social work in addition to your teaching degree. School social workers are the connection between families and schools. They help make sure that children are doing well in school, working with the parents, teachers and administrators. School social workers also counsel students with truancy, pregnancy, abuse and any other personal problems. Depending on the job, a social worker might teach workshops and classes.


Tutoring students is one way to use your teaching degree without having to further your education. Tutors help students with homework assignments and subjects that are not well understood by the student in the classroom. This is a good job if you have only certain days and times you are available to work. Some of the schools will allow you to tutor on the premises. Contact local schools to find out if they hire tutors.

Freelance writer or editor in educational publishing

Freelance writing or becoming an editor in educational publishing is another way to use your teaching degree. With these jobs, you can work from home for companies such as Shakespeare Squared, Words and Numbers, and Quarasan. These educational companies will ask you to make lesson plans, review websites or write assessment questions. This is a good job for someone who wants to work from home or has specific dates and times she can work. To find these companies or others like them, you can look on any career website under education and/or writing and editing.

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