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Updated April 10, 2017

For a serious crafter, craft supplies can easily overtake a space, creating a need for new storage solutions. If you're feeling overwhelmed by a collection of craft supplies and need help, leverage the same creativity that you use in craft projects to find a storage solution. After all, craft storage solutions can be just as creative as ideas for crafts.

Tool Organizers and Tackle Boxes

Organising containers intended for other purposes can also find a use in a craft area. Tackle boxes and tool boxes can be used to sort crafting tools and other supplies. Look for screw-and-nail organisers at a local hardware store, and use these large containers and their numerous transparent drawers to sort scrapbooking elements, beads and other baubles. Peg board and hooks can be used to hang pliers, scissors and other accessories on a wall, making it easy to find what you need.

Repurposed Accessories

There are a variety of things that you can repurpose to serve as a craft storage solution. For example, wire shelving that was originally intended to hold spices or pantry foods can be used to sort dyes, paints or other bottled craft items. A paper towel holder that mounts to the wall can be used to hold jewellery wire or ribbon spools. Ice cube trays and silicone baking moulds can be used as portable sorters for beads and other accents. You may also consider using baby food jars, mason jars, empty glass bottles and other recycled goods as containers for loose craft supplies like beads, seeds and marbles.

Modular Storage

Modular storage pieces can be stacked, arranged and customised in a myriad of different ways to store craft items. Drawers and cupboard doors can be added to hide things away. Canvas totes or drawers added to cube-storage shelves create sturdy storage totes for craft supplies. These systems also come in a variety of colours such as black, white, natural tones, pink and blue. Drawers, doors and other add-ons also come in additional colours.

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